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              主頁 >> 公司簡介

              西安進一熱能設備有限公司是一家專業從事燃燒器,燃燒器配件、水泵及鍋爐等熱能設備生產、銷售、維修及技術服務為一體的綜合性公司。公司致力于燃燒熱能設備的生產、銷售、售后服務及技術改進,并代理國內外知名燃燒器品牌及相關配件數百種;產品廣泛用于各類型工業民用鍋爐、石化、食品、金屬加工、筑路機械、玻璃陶瓷、涂裝等多種行業和設備。 公司重質量,重信譽,重發展;嚴格秉承“質量第一、信譽第一、用戶至上”的原則,向廣大客戶提供真正適合的熱工產品;公司擁有完善的售后服務機制,雄厚的技術力量,強大的團隊支持,為客戶提供全方位最滿意的服務。憑借精通廣博的專業知識,結合毆美先進技術,公司以誠信為本的經營理念,立足于熱工行業多年,銷售網絡布局在青島、濟南、大連、北京、天津、上海、沈陽等地。在此公司全體員工竭誠歡迎各屆新老客戶光臨指導,洽談業務,共謀發展。

              Xi an Jinil heat energy equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacture,sales,maintenance and technical service development of burners,accessories and boilers.The company has devoted to manufacture sales,customer service and technical innovation of burner industry for many years.We are agent of hundreds of famous burner brand as well as accessories at home and abroad.Our products are widely used in several kinds of industries and machinery,such as civilian boilers,periochemicals,food,metal processing, road machinery,glass enamel and paint decoration.

              Our company concerns quality, reputation and development of products. We provide the most suitable heat products with the promise of “perfect  combination of quality and service”, The company relies on prefect customer service system,strong technology support, and good team of engineers to satisfy customer’s demands.We are making great efforts to provide the best service to our customers.Our company whose management idea is honesty,applies prodicient knowledge, strong team-work associated with adnanced technology of  USA and Eruope,has been in heat industry for more than ten years .We have successfully opened branches in Jinan,Dalian,Beijing,Tianjin,Shanghai and Shenyang.The staff of the company welcome customers in various industries to guide and negotiate business.Let’s make progress together with each other.